Touch-strips and LEDs

About Us

Transfader is about the future.

We don’t want people to stop what they’re doing… we just want them to think about how they could do it differently.

99.9% of DJ controllers still feature circular platters as their main tactile interface. We don’t have anything against turntablism, or vinyl junkies, but music just doesn’t come on plastic discs any more, so why pretend that it does? Step away from the decks and into the light…

Our first project is a simple controller using touchstrips and an Arduino. The aim is to develop a kit that you can purchase and build at home. We’ll be updating the site with news and info as we work to make this dream a reality, so be sure to keep checking back!

But that’s not all… Everyone knows that sharing is good, right?  Which is why everything we do here at Transfader HQ is, and always will-be, open source.  All our code, schematics, circuits and designs will be free for you to download, wire up and mess with in your own special way. We want DJs to build their own controllers like Jedis build lightsabers.

So get ready to interact with your beats in a whole new way… with Transfader.

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