What is a Transfader?

Numark Total Control

Conceptually speaking, a Transfader is  a unique, context-sensitive control surface for mixing and interacting with music.

A Transfader is programmable, but not in the same way as most MIDI controllers: you can alter response curves to fit your DJing style, split ranges into zones with seperate controls, have single inputs send  multiple controls… and not necessarily in the same direction.

Being context-sensitive means that the controls can change on-the-fly; at the users command, or in response to pre-programmed events.

For example, imagine loading a tune  into Traktor… your Transfader will be able to tell how many cue points the track has, and will assign buttons to the those points. Or say you wanted to blend the bass-lines of two tracks? you could program a control strip to ramp up Deck A’s bass EQ whilst dropping the low frequency on Deck B. All of this functionality would be controlled by the Transfader’s on-board processor and software.

It is, quite literally, a fader… that transforms. A Transfader.


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